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Monday, 21 January 2013

Rian Ajahn SiNgern Wat Donsala 1st batch B.E 2541

Rian Ajahn SiNgern Wat DonSala B.E 2541 1st batch copper material. This batch of rian consist of 3 type of material which is gold, silver and copper. Being the linenage of Wat khao Or, Ajahn SiNgern uses the Yant "Nor Moh" which is the magical yant of Wat Khao Or behind his rian. Ajahn SiNgern's amulet is famous in properties like kongkrapan (harm Proof) and metta (loving kindness). Ajahn SiNgern's teacher consist of Ajahn Pan Wat Khao Or , Ajahn Num Wat DonSala, Lp Lek Wat PradooRiang. Its a good piece to keep now cos it has bright future for up rising.
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